A better way to purchase your home.

The ethical home purchase plan.
​Watch our interview on Islam Channel, where Primary Finance Founder Raza Ullah, and Chief Legal Officer Salman Hasan, discuss our new ethical home purchase plan.​ ​​
Primary Finance is an ethical startup and a fintech enabler. Our mission is to provide a better home purchasing finance product. We believe the big banks have had it their way too long and it's time for a home finance product that people can truly feel comfortable with and rely on. 

That's why we have designed our new  ethical  home purchase plan . Our product has been created using a technology driven approach and goes the extra mile in providing flexibility and peace of mind to the homebuyer. We're confident that you'll love it. Our technology platform will enable our customers to apply for finance using any device and get a response in record time. No more having to visit branches multiple times and wait for the outcome.

We've already trialled our product successfully on a private basis and are now close to receiving FCA authorisation to offer it publicly. Although we're a small team, we know that our financial products could have a big impact on the homebuying community so we'd love to hear from you. We welcome ideas and assistance from anybody who would like to get involved. Please contact us if you want to help!

Can I apply?

We are not quite ready to trade yet - we're working hard to make our products ready for you.
​​Please support our mission to eliminate riba (interest or usury) by lending us some qard  hasanah (Islamic loan) to support our launch and get started. 
For the first 2 to 3 years during our launch phase, our services will be available exclusively to those who have helped support our launch with some Qard Hasanah.​
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Here's what is currently happening
Capital Provision
FCA Authorisation
As you can imagine, financing homes requires a lot of capital. We are currently speaking to several individuals and platforms whilst we finalise our capital structure. If you would like to find out more about becoming an angel investor in our early stages please get in touch.

Alternatively, please support us via our qard hasanah campaign.
We are currently in the process of receiving our permissions from the FCA to authorise and regulate us. This is an important legal process and we are unable to accept applications for our home purchase plan until it is complete.
Awards and Press
We are extremely pleased to have recently won a World Islamic Fintech award for the most promising Islamic fintech start-up of 2018. Our proposition was nominated amongst many other entries from across the globe and it is therefore a major achievement to have won.  We have created a short video below to say thank you!

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We are currently awaiting regulatory authorisation to trade before we can start offering our services publicly. Any information currently presented on this website is for information only and may be subject to change.

Primary Finance is not a broker. Primary Finance is a finance arranger. We only offer our own products and do not offer advice on products from other finance arrangers or providers.